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Modern gastroenterology

Ukrainian scientific and practical specialized journal


The journal is intended for health care professionals.

The journal is published since August 2000


Founders: SI "L.T. Mala National Institute of Therapy NAMS of Ukraine", SI "Institute of Gastroenterology NAMS Ukraine", PE "INPOL LTM"


ISSN: 1727-5725 (Print), 2521-649X (Online)


Registration certificate: 16647-5119 issued 21.05.2010


The journal is certified by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles
Annex 8 to the Order of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine No.1328 issued 21.12.2015


Publisher: "VIT--POL" LLC


Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English


Format: 4 (205290mm)


Number of pages: 120–136


Frequency: 6 issues per year


Print quality: lithographic printing, chalk overlay paper, laminated cover, colour insertions and illustrations, monochromic body


Circulation: one issue – 2000 copies, general annual – 12000 copies


Subscription index: 21962